Dry heat Sterilizer

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The mini oven is designed for sterilizing face masks and warm foods or towels so people don't need to throw them away after one-time use or wash or spray them after lightly wearing them. Masks and other daily essentials like toothbrushes, books, keys, towels etc can all be heated to kill the covid 19 virus.


  • Precise temperature control ensures even heating without overheating
  • Uses low heat to warm food or clean objects in a cycle of 30 minutes. Temperature levels: 133F°, 140F°, 149F°, 158F°, 167F°, 176F°, 194F°. You can repeat the cycle as many times you want
  • Multi-purpose usage: reheat food, clean daily essentials including towels, keychains, face coverings in accordance with the CDC's Decontaminated Assessment Results
  • One touch to get the work done: touch screen design, easy to use
  • Auto shut-off timer with maximum safety design; beeps to notify you when the cycle is over
  • Free shipping, free return
  • Specs & Details Dimensions: 13.5” x 12” x 8” Voltage: 120VAC, Hertz: 60Hz, Wattage Max: 160W, Capacity: 0.42 cubic feet (12L), Power Source: power cord to the outlet. How to Use It: open the oven and place the object(s) that you want to heat inside of it, set the temperature threshold (optional), and press the “Start” button, and wait 30 minutes. After you hear the beep, you can remove your object(s) from it.