White or Black 1/4 inch Flat Braided Elastic band for sewing masks-Ear loop strap, 70 yards

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The elastic band for sewing is of very good quality and elasticity, softer and more comfortable, perfect for home-made masks.

The elastic band is made of durable and premium quality woven polyester fabric and polypropylene fiber rubber, non-toxic & skin friendly;

The elastic band is clean and no odor

1/4"inch wide(6mm), more than 70 yards


The elastic flat band is durable and breathable

Good elasticity: can easily restore the original length without deformation or loose

Wide usage: The elastic band for sewing can be applied widely for DIY face mask ear loops, wigs, underwear, pants, sportswear, skirts, waistbands, necklines or crafts DIY projects and so on

Don't iron it, it will melt.